Peter Navarro calls on Congress to ‘bring home’ manufacturing to Puerto Rico (The Washington Examiner, 5/28/20)

Study reveals that Puerto Rico’s transparency laws are worse than in most countries: Puerto Rico ranked 87th in comparison to 128 other countries (Caribbean Business, 5/15/20)

Puerto Rico Governor Backs Tax-Incentive Bill for Drugmakers (Bloomberg, 5/12/20)

Puerto Rico: Right to Information Laws Adopted Recently are Weak (The Centre for Law and Democracy, 5/6/20)

Puerto Rico Gov Announces Receipt of $2.2 billion in Cares Act Aid (Caribbean Business, 4/22/20)

Crashing oil prices, COVID-19 restrictions give boost to embattled Puerto Rico utility (Utility Dive, 4/22/20)

FEMA: Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery Efforts Continue with Funding for 155 Projects (Caribbean Business, 4/21/20)

Puerto Rico businesses receive less federal aid (The Bond Buyer, 4/21/20)

Puerto Rico Manufacturers on a Mission to Become a National Security Ally (Caribbean Business, 4/17/20)

Political Insight: President Trump on Puerto Rico (The Weekly Journal, 3/11/20)

Proskauer’s Revenue Crosses $1B Amid Growing Puerto Rico Workload (The New York Law Journal, 3/10/20)

Stateside Puerto Ricans demand answers on unused hurricane aid to Puerto Rico (NBC News, 3/10/20)

Pharmaceutical industry: Eyes on Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Dia, 3/10/20)

Regaining credibility in Washington (El Nuevo Dia, 3/6/20)

Puerto Rico judge says full steam ahead on debt deal (The Bond Buyer, 3/4/20)

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Climax Set to Come Amid Island Elections (Bloomberg, 3/4/20)

Revised Fiscal Plan includes more changes in Health and Education (El Nuevo Dia, 3/3/20)

Puerto Rico Utility Deal Stumbles, Shaking Muni Investors (The Wall Street Journal, 3/2/20)

Reconstruction Coordinator: “My main concern is sustainability” (El Nuevo Dia, 2/26/20)

Detroit’s recovery continues with better rating outlook (The Bond Buyer, 2/26/20)

Relief funds close to being released (El Nuevo Dia, 2/25/20)

Puerto Rican Government does not support new bond deal (El Nuevo Dia, 2/20/20)

Puerto Rico governor formally opposes debt-restructuring plan (The Bond Buyer, 2/19/20)

It is urgent to apply lessons from Hurricanes Irma and María (El Nuevo Dia, 2/19/20)

Hoyer leads Congressional delegation to Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Dia, 2/16/20)

Here’s What You Need to Know on Puerto Rico’s Restructuring Deal (Bloomberg, 2/10/20)

Puerto Rico oversight board eyes bankruptcy exit by year-end (Reuters, 2/10/20)

Puerto Rico’s economy in limbo as governor rejects debt deal (The Associated Press, 2/10/20)

Supplemental spending bill will not advance in Senate (El Nuevo Dia, 2/8/20)

House Democrats pass Puerto Rico earthquake relief bill, but White House opposes it (The Miami Herald, 2/7/20)

FEMA denies PREPA’s initial request (El Nuevo Dia, 2/7/20)

FEMA Needs to Improve Program Guidance in Puerto Rico Recovery, GAO Says (Caribbean Business, 2/6/20)

White House threatens to veto Puerto Rico earthquake aid package ahead of House vote (The Washington Post, 2/5/20)

Puerto Rico to get disaster aid coordinator, more federal aid (The Bond Buyer, 2/4/20)

Peter J. Brown is Puerto Rico Federal Reconstruction Coordinator (El Nuevo Dia, 2/3/20)

Four charges to pay off PREPA debt and pensions (El Nuevo Dia, 2/1/20)

The Board will not change its plans (El Nuevo Dia, 1/30/20)

Disaster Prevention: lessons from the earthquake (El Nuevo Dia, 1/29/20)

Delay sought for hearing on Puerto Rico electric utility debt restructuring (Reuters, 1/29/20)

Trump government says “no” to further aid (El Nuevo Dia, 1/28/20)

Puerto Rico revenue bond litigation heats up (The Bond Buyer, 1/22/20)

A long process to receive federal aid (El Nuevo Dia, 1/21/20)

A bipartisan bill seeking additional recovery funds (El Nuevo Dia, 1/20/20)

Puerto Ricans still waiting on disaster funds as Hurricane Maria’s aftermath, earthquakes continue to affect life on the island (The Washington Post, 1/19/20)

HUD Appoints Federal Financial Monitor to Oversee Puerto Rico, USVI Disaster Recovery Funds (Caribbean Business, 1/17/20)

House to pass $3.4B disaster aid package for Puerto Rico (Politico, 1/16/20)

Dangling disaster relief funds, White House to require Puerto Rico to implement reforms (The Washington Post, 1/15/20)

Court Lets Puerto Rico Ruling Stand (Bloomberg, 1/14/20)

Supreme Court leaves Puerto Rico special revenue decision alone (The Bond Buyer, 1/13/20)

Experts warn Puerto Rico not prepared for big earthquakes (The Associated Press, 1/13/20)

With Earthquakes and Storms, Puerto Rico’s Power Grid Can’t Catch a Break (The New York Times, 1/10/20)

Puerto Rico power plant damaged in earthquake could be out for “over a year,” official says (CBS News, 1/9/20)

Limited economic impact expected from Puerto Rico earthquakes (The Bond Buyer, 1/7/20)

Puerto Rico population estimated to grow for first time since 2004 (The Bond Buyer, 1/2/20)

Permanent projects have not started after María (El Nuevo Dia, 12/17/19)

Congressional leadership agrees to allocate about $5,742 billion in Medicaid funding to the island: The $12 billion appropriation package originally proposed did not advance (El Nuevo Dia, 12/17/19)

Trump slashed Puerto Rico’s Medicaid money as part of budget deal (Politico, 12/17/19)

Detroit looks ahead, five years after Chapter 9 exit (The Bond Buyer, 12/17/19)

Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez announces she’s running for election in 2020 (El Nuevo Dia, 12/16/19)

Governor of Puerto Rico sends letter to Congressional Leadership urging swift action on Medicaid legislation (Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration Twitter Account, 12/12/19)

Municipal fiscal plans on hold: Municipalities fear plans could be a death sentence for several cities (El Nuevo Dia, 12/12/19)

Analysis: Mistaken assumptions on recovery funds could stump P.R.’s future growth (News Is My Business, 12/9/19)

Local officials admit more controls on Medicaid funding (El Nuevo Dia, 12/8/19)

FOMB Keeps Its Eyes on the Prize: Puerto Rico’s Exit from Bankruptcy (The Weekly Journal, 12/4/19)

The Potential Transformation of the Puerto Rico Electric Sector (The Government of Puerto Rico, 12/2/19)

End of tax credit for CFCs seems imminent: New reports suggest that the Treasury is considering ending the tax credit that brings $2 billion annually to the island (El Nuevo Dia, 11/27/19)

Puerto Rico general fund collections beat projections by 14% (The Bond Buyer, 11/22/19)

Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Products Association of Puerto Rico (MMAPA) Calls On Congress To Approve Long-Term Funding Solution For Puerto Rico’s Medicaid Program (, 11/22/19)

America’s ‘Shame’: Medicaid Funding Slashed In U.S. Territories (NPR, 11/20/19)

Puerto Rico municipalities’ finances mostly hold steady or improve (The Bond Buyer, 11/18/19)

March will be crucial for Medicaid: The federal government has fully funded the Puerto Rican government’s health plan since early 2018 (El Nuevo Dia, 11/15/19)

Engineers give Puerto Rico infrastructure a grade of ‘D-‘ (Caribbean Business, 11/14/19)

Puerto Rico Board Opposes U.S. House Input in Utility Dispute (Bloomberg Law, 11/14/19)

U.S. lawmakers clash over PREPA agreement (The Bond Buyer, 11/13/19)

Report: Puerto Rico’s infrastructure failing as federal aid remains on hold (Roll Call, 11/12/19)

Puerto Rico gets near-failing grade on infrastructure report card (Reuters, 11/12/19)

Rep. Bishop et al Letter Regarding PROMESA (House Natural Resources GOP Twitter Account, 11/12/19)

New debt issue policy: Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced sends a bill to the Legislature that would establish new debt issuance regulations (El Nuevo Dia, 11/5/19)

New York is leading the effort to modernize Puerto Rico’s power grid (City & State New York, 11/5/19)

Grassley proposes $9.8 billion for Medicaid services: Influential Republican Senator suggests $2.2 billion less than the House over the next four years (El Nuevo Dia, 11/2/19)

Puerto Rico governor focused on federal funds, restructuring process (Caribbean Business, 10/31/19)

Puerto Rico Treasury announces higher revenue for August, September (Caribbean Business, 10/30/19)

Puerto Rico grid modernization plan tops $20B (Utility Dive, 10/29/19)

A Reasonable Proposal: How U.S. Law Allows Puerto Rico’s Legal Bills To Flourish (Forbes, 10/29/19)

Modernizing the power grid in Puerto Rico will take a decade (El Nuevo Dia, 10/25/19)

Puerto Rico Officials Reject Proposal to Cancel Some Debt (Bloomberg, 10/22/19)

Carson defends HUD for knowingly stalling Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds (NBC News, 10/22/19)

Proposed PROMESA amendments unlikely to derail Title III reorganization (The Bond Buyer, 10/22/19)

Legislation introduced to expand Medicare Part D low-income subsidies to U.S. territories (Caribbean Business, 10/16/19)

The legacy of the Board (El Nuevo Dia, 10/14/19)

Closing arguments on the Board’s constitutionality (El Nuevo Dia, 10/13/19)

Bankruptcy costs keep rising: In less than two years, the court has authorized more than $360 million in payments to attorneys and consultants in Title III cases (El Nuevo Dia, 10/12/19)

Resident commissioner, Puerto Rico gov discuss alternatives to halted $1.5B in federal Education funds (Caribbean Business, 10/10/19)

Supreme Court considers legitimacy of Puerto Rico Oversight Board (The Bond Buyer, 10/8/19)

Bondholders have lien on Puerto Rico pension bonds: Supreme Court (The Bond Buyer, 10/7/19)

The next 16 months will define Puerto Rico’s future. Is Gov. Wanda Vázquez ready? (NBC News, 10/3/19)

Waiting for a federal decision: The Puerto Rican government seeks that the Board becomes the ‘trustee’ (El Nuevo Dia, 10/3/19)

Assured Guaranty Responds to Puerto Rico Oversight Board’s Plan of Adjustment (Business Wire, 10/2/19)

How to restore the protected status of revenue bonds (The Bond Buyer, 10/2/19)

Gov says Puerto Rico must seek a balance to ‘get out of debt’ (Caribbean Business, 10/1/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board files adjustment plan to reduce debt (Pensions and Investments, 9/27/19)

Vázquez Administration Tackles Restructuring, Other Complex Economic Issues (Caribbean Business, 9/26/19)

Official Retirees Committee, Fiscal Board Agreement Creates Pension Reserve (Caribbean Business, 9/26/19)

Puerto Rico gov makes worker pay, pensions her priority (Caribbean Business, 9/25/19)

Senate Leadership still has doubts about the Medicaid funding in Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Dia, 9/24/19)

Puerto Rico employment rises above 1 million for first time in six years (The Bond Buyer, 9/20/19)

Puerto Rico included in federal budget measure (Caribbean Business, 9/18/19)

P.R. revenue collections reach $1.05B in July, Treasury Dept. says (News Is My Business, 9/18/19)

Puerto Rico’s Looming 2019 Medicaid Fiscal Cliff (Center for a New Economy, 9/18/19)

Puerto Rico’s July revenues were 18% above forecast (The Bond Buyer, 9/17/19)

Despite governance crisis in July, Puerto Rico tax revenue exceeds projections (Caribbean Business, 9/17/19)

Puerto Rico senator: Tax reform that’s immune to presidential whims needed (Caribbean Business, 9/17/19)

Gov. Vázquez to Congress: Without funding, Puerto Rico can’t run Medicaid program (Caribbean Business, 9/17/19)

Moody’s views addition of bond insurers for Prepa RSA as ‘significant progress’ (Caribbean Business, 9/11/19)

Puerto Rico plan of adjustment expected by end of month (The Bond Buyer, 9/11/19)

Puerto Rico gov discusses recovery aid with federal officials in Washington (Caribbean Business, 9/10/19)

PREPA restructuring takes step forward (The Bond Buyer, 9/9/19)

Congress: Puerto Rico is standing on shifting ground (El Nuevo Dia, 9/8/19)

Private sector to assist Puerto Rico efforts to unblock federal disaster aid (Caribbean Business, 9/3/19)

Board appointments expired yesterday (El Nuevo Dia, 8/31/19)

Illinois Bonds Gain as Judge Denies Petition to Void Debt (Bloomberg, 8/29/19)

How little we know about Puerto Rico’s economy (Axios, 8/28/19)

Hurricane Dorian Spares Puerto Rico as Florida Prepares for Landfall (The New York Times, 8/28/19)

A near miss for Puerto Rico as Dorian strengthens into a hurricane (The Washington Post, 8/28/19)

Global commercial real estate shifts could benefit Puerto Rico economy (Caribbean Business, 8/26/19)

UPR and Tren Urbano are still suffering the effects of the hurricanes (El Nuevo Dia, 8/26/19)

Judge allows Puerto Rico board’s suit against governor to continue (The Bond Buyer, 8/23/19)

Democratic lawmakers request HUD publish disbursement requirements for Puerto Rico, USVI recovery funds (Caribbean Business, 8/23/19)

Could Puerto Rico’s moment be over? Leaders split on how to keep island in limelight (The Miami Herald, 8/21/19)

Puerto Rico Economic Development Secretary in Washington to seek support (Caribbean Business, 8/20/19)

Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez speaks with the White House (The Government of Puerto Rico, Office of the Governor, 8/16/19)

New Puerto Rico gov discusses transparency with Trump administration (Caribbean Business, 8/16/19)

AP Interview: Puerto Rico governor to stay, fight corruption (The Washington Post, 8/16/19)

Puerto Rico board urges federal help (The Bond Buyer, 8/14/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board publishes fiscal 2019 report: Says it wants to end its work as quickly as possible (Caribbean Business, 8/14/19)

Puerto Rico majority party mayors pleased with new governor (Caribbean Business, 8/14/19)

New Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vasquez Finally Overcoming Challenges (NBC New York, 8/14/19)

Puerto Rico utility director wants FEMA to repair grid so it can be privatized (Caribbean Business, 8/13/19)

PRASA reached agreements to restructure $1 billion debt: The public corporation recovers access to funds for infrastructure (El Nuevo Dia, 8/12/19)

Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court overturns Pedro Pierluisi as new governor (CNN, 8/7/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal 2019 revenues came in 34.5% higher than projected (The Bond Buyer, 8/6/19)

Puerto Rico Revenue Tops Forecasts by $1 Billion Despite Turmoil (Bloomberg, 8/6/19)

New requirements to disburse federal funds: Agencies are expected to meet new requirements due to corruption allegations and administrative changes (El Nuevo Dia, 8/6/19)

Puerto Rico’s Lodging Comeback Is Cut Short by Political Turmoil: Island’s tourism and luxury housing sector appeared poised for a rebound before a series of disruptions (The Wall Street Journal, 8/6/19)

Department of Housing and Urban Development imposes Federal Monitor on the island: The agency based its decision on recent cases of corruption and the political crisis the government of Puerto Rico is facing (El Nuevo Dia, 8/3/19)

Federal Disaster Aid Not Around the Corner?: The Rosselló Administration’s Implosion Has Set in Motion Discussion in the Federal Realm to Rescind Disaster Funds (Caribbean Business, 8/1/19)

Trump administration to place new restrictions on billions in aid for Puerto Rico amid island’s political crisis (The Washington Post, 8/1/19)

Puerto Rico Governor Names Pedro Pierluisi as His Possible Successor (The New York Times, 7/31/19)

Departing Puerto Rico governor makes several appointments (Caribbean Business, 7/31/19)

PREPA privatization process continues (El Nuevo Dia, 7/30/19)

Why a Cleveland rating took collateral damage from Puerto Rico (The Bond Buyer, 7/30/19)

Judge Taylor Swain orders a 120-day pause on bankruptcy lawsuits (El Nuevo Dia, 7/25/19)

Ricardo Rosselló, Puerto Rico’s Governor, Resigns After Protests (The New York Times, 7/24/19)

Trump asked to appoint reconstruction coordinator for Puerto Rico (The Bond Buyer, 7/24/19)

Oversight Board calls for urgent solution to the crisis (El Nuevo Dia, 7/24/19)

PREPA’s Executive Director against the Oversight Board (El Nuevo Dia, 7/23/19)

Economists join claims for governor’s ouster; PRMA asks for ‘swift action’ (News Is My Business, 7/18/19)

Protesters in downtown Miami call for Puerto Rican governor’s resignation (7 News Miami, 7/17/19)

After Tumultuous Protests, Puerto Rico Governor Insists He Will Not Resign (The New York Times, 7/16/19)

Puerto Rico Private Sector Coalition condemns corruption (Caribbean Business, 7/15/19)

Puerto Rico Bar Association assesses legal basis to impeach governor (Caribbean Business, 7/14/19)

Rep. Soto Introduces $14 Billion Medicaid Parity Bill for Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories (Orlando Political Observer, 7/10/19)

FBI makes arrests in Puerto Rico corruption scandal, prompting calls for governor’s ouster and concerns about billions in storm aid (The Washington Post, 7/10/19)

Delays in aid raise concerns (El Nuevo Dia, 7/10/19)

Medicaid funds to be discussed in July (El Nuevo Dia, 6/29/19)

Puerto Rico Treasury Dept. collects $922 million in May (Caribbean Business, 6/28/19)

FBI seeks tips on Puerto Rico gov’t contracts probe (Caribbean Business, 6/28/19)

Oversight Board Certifies Prepa Fiscal Plan (The Weekly Journal, 6/27/19)

2019 Fiscal Plan for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, 6/27/19)

U.S. Territories Public Debt Outlook – 2019 Update (United States Government Accountability Office, 6/2019)

‘The show must go on,’ says Puerto Rico’s financial czar (Caribbean Business, 6/26/19)

Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association urges gov’t to address corruption allegations (Caribbean Business, 6/26/19)

Trump’s campaign brings in González and Carrión (El Nuevo Dia, 6/26/19)

Additional Medicaid Funding to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands Is in Jeopardy (AIS Health, 6/24/19)

Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corp. publishes audited statements (Caribbean Business, 6/20/19)

Watch U.S. House subcommittee hearing on Medicaid funding in territories (Caribbean Business, 6/20/19)

Puerto Rico Board Appointment Dispute Gets Supreme Court Review (Bloomberg, 6/20/19)

Ambac questions Puerto Rico board assertion that pension liabilities rose $5 billion (Caribbean Business, 6/19/19)

U.S. Reps. Pascrell, González introduce revised bill to provide supplement to Puerto Rico EITC (Caribbean Business, 6/19/19)

Sunsetting Puerto Rico Medicaid Money Gets Democrats’ Attention (Bloomberg Law, 6/18/19)

Puerto Rico board asks court for more time on members’ appointments (Reuters, 6/18/19)

Illinois tollway takes a rating blow in Puerto Rico-related fallout (The Bond Buyer, 6/18/19)

Board reaches restructuring deal with certain major bondholders (El Nuevo Dia, 6/17/19)

Executive director of Puerto Rico’s Oversight Board defends proposed restructuring deal (CNBC, 6/17/19)

A serious warning to the Board (El Nuevo Dia, 6/15/19)

Hotel room tax collections reach ‘record levels’ in April at almost $7M (News Is My Business, 6/13/19)

Sen. Sanders, co-sponsors introduce legislation to put territories on par with states for Medicaid (Caribbean Business, 6/12/19)

Puerto Rico statehood advocate posits territory’s incorporation (Caribbean Business, 6/11/19)

Resident Commissioner anticipates more funds to come (El Nuevo Dia, 6/8/19)

The high cost of the territorial bankruptcy (El Nuevo Dia, 6/7/19)

Fee examiner in Puerto Rico debt restructuring warns of rising litigation costs (Caribbean Business, 6/7/19)

Trump’s administration defends Promesa (El Nuevo Dia, 6/7/19)

Governments Rethink Their ‘Moral Obligation’ to Municipal Bondholders (Governing, 6/5/19)

Trump’s administration to file certiorari petition today (El Nuevo Dia, 6/5/19)

Air travel to Puerto Rico highest in 8 years (Caribbean Business, 6/5/19)

Puerto Rico’s central government has 47% more than anticipated (The Bond Buyer, 6/4/19)

U.S. Congress passes $19.1 billion disaster relief bill for states, territories (Caribbean Business, 6/3/19)

FBI evaluation of Board members still incomplete (El Nuevo Dia, 6/2/19)

Puerto Rico’s April revenues come in 24% above projections (The Bond Buyer, 5/24/19)

U.S. Senators submit bill to guarantee robust disclosure requirements (News Is My Business, 5/24/19)

When Will the U.S. Territories Exhaust Federal Medicaid Funding? (MACPAC, May 2019)

U.S. House Committee holds hearing on territories’ looming Medicaid Cliff (Caribbean Business, 5/23/19)

Puerto Rico’s Bankruptcy Case Casts a Shadow on Billions in Municipal Bonds (Barron’s, 5/23/19)

House Natural Resources Full Committee Hearing: The Insular Areas Medicaid Cliff (Video) (House Natural Resources Committee, 5/23/19)

San Juan objects to Board´s control over its finances (El Nuevo Dia, 5/22/19)

Medicaid Financing Cliff: Implications for the Health Care Systems in Puerto Rico and USVI (Kaiser Family Foundation, 5/21/19)

Puerto Rico builders, contractors reject fiscal board move to recover payments (Caribbean Business, 5/21/19)

Proskauer seeks $16.4 million in fees from Puerto Rico (Caribbean Business, 5/21/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board sues retirement system bondholders to recover $392 million (Caribbean Business, 5/19/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board says only it can propose ‘what recovery pensioners will receive’ (Caribbean Business, 5/17/19)

Swain opens the door to more complaints (El Nuevo Dia, 5/17/19)

U.S. Treasury sued for information on Puerto Rico fiscal board appointments (Caribbean Business, 5/15/19)

Fee examiners raise alarm about Puerto Rico board petition for extension (Caribbean Business, 5/15/19)

‘Aurelius risk’ cited as roadblock in Puerto Rico fiscal board effort to pursue claims (Caribbean Business, 5/15/19)

Illinois toll debt feels effect of Puerto Rico special revenue ruling (The Bond Buyer, 5/13/19)

Mayors recognize the power of PROMESA (El Nuevo Dia, 5/13/19)

Oversight board certifies Puerto Rico fiscal plan (Caribbean Business, 5/9/19)

Report: Puerto Rico population decline results in marked school enrollment drop (Caribbean Business, 5/8/19)

Sobrino Vega criticizes the Board for suing suppliers (El Nuevo Dia, 5/8/19)

Restructuring support agreement for Puerto Rico power company reached (Caribbean Business, 5/6/19)

Donald Trump has not yet sent the nominations of the Oversight Board (El Nuevo Dia, 5/6/19)

Government files financial statements (El Nuevo Dia, 5/6/19)

Puerto Rico Utility, Bondholders Reach Restructuring Agreement (Bloomberg, 5/3/19)

A thorough Senate evaluation process for Board nominations (El Nuevo Dia, 5/1/19)

New Senate GOP offer on disaster aid bill gives $300 million boost to Puerto Rico (The Washington Post, 5/1/19)

Puerto Rico Oversight Board sues 230 government suppliers (The Bond Buyer, 5/1/19)

Trump renominates Puerto Rico fiscal board members (Caribbean Business, 4/30/19)

Senate Republicans reach for deal on disaster aid amid ongoing dispute over Puerto Rico (The Washington Post, 4/30/19)

Puerto Rico Oversight Board specifies its clawback targets (The Bond Buyer, 4/29/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board loses bid to extend claims filing deadline (Reuters, 4/24/19)

Trump’s feud with Puerto Rico looms over congressional standoff on disaster aid (USA Today, 4/24/19)

Big Oil Traders Accused of Cheating Puerto Rico’s Power Utility (Bloomberg, 4/24/19)

Trump Considering Waiving Jones Act Mandate for Natural Gas, Sources Say (Bloomberg, 4/24/19)

Puerto Rico Board Takes Fight Over Members to Supreme Court (Bloomberg, 4/23/19)

The McKinsey Way to Save an Island – Why is a bankrupt Puerto Rico spending more than a billion dollars on expert advice? (New York Magazine, 4/17/19)

Puerto Rico revenues jump 23% over projections through first seven months (The Bond Buyer, 4/16/19)

Puerto Rico Ruling Sends Shock Through $3.8 Trillion Muni Market (Bloomberg, 4/12/19)

U.S. court’s Puerto Rico bond ruling prompts Fitch ratings warning for other issuers (Reuters, 4/11/19)

Fitch Places Seven USPF Special Revenue Ratings on Negative Watch Pending Court Decision (Fitch Ratings, 4/11/19)

Puerto Rico utility nears deal on $9 billion restructuring (The Wall Street Journal, 4/10/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board again requests audited statements (Caribbean Business, 4/10/19)

Congress will probably leave town without voting on a disaster bill (Roll Call, 4/9/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board may seek money back from bondholders (Reuters, 4/3/19)

Proposed claw back of fees for Puerto Rico GOs could backfire (The Bond Buyer, 4/3/19)

Nutritional Assistance stalls in the Senate (El Nuevo Dia, 4/2/19)

Senate Democrats block disaster aid measure (Caribbean Business, 4/1/19)

Court ruling in Puerto Rico bankruptcy fans revenue bond fears (Reuters, 3/28/19)

CDBG-DR funds: Puerto Rico asks for permanent regulations (El Nuevo Dia, 3/27/19)

Report says Puerto Rico has moderate level of economic freedom (Caribbean Business, 3/25/19)

FOMB Letter – Audits Timeline (Financial Oversight & Management Board for Puerto Rico, 3/23/19)

Grijalva perceives Puerto Ricans favor statehood (El Nuevo Dia, 3/23/19)

Puerto Rico private sector jobs higher than before 2017 hurricanes (Caribbean Business, 3/22/19)

Current Status of Puerto Rico Debt Restructuring (, 3/20/19)

Raúl Grijalva sets his priorities (El Nuevo Dia, 3/19/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board rejects government’s proposed fiscal plan (Caribbean Business, 3/18/19)

Upcoming Event: AFGI Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Risk Summit (Event Taking Place on April 9, 2019)

Congressional delegation to examine Puerto Rico disaster recovery, Promesa austerity measures (Caribbean Business, 3/14/19)

Puerto Rico’s new draft fiscal plan banks on reforms, federal recovery funding (Caribbean Business, 3/13/19)

Rosselló to propose amendments to Promesa (El Nuevo Dia, 3/10/19)

Puerto Rico aid among issues complicating disaster bill talks (Roll Call, 3/8/19)

Puerto Rico gov implores U.S. Senate to pass supplemental appropriations bill (Caribbean Business, 3/7/19)

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Under Risk of Receivership (Caribbean Business, 3/7/19)

Legal fees in Puerto Rico bankruptcy drop (Caribbean Business, 3/7/19)

Sanders and Velázquez filed bill to end unequal treatment (El Nuevo Dia, 3/7/19)

U.S. Senate can be open to amend PROMESA (El Nuevo Dia, 2/27/19)

Fiscal board invalidates several Puerto Rico spending bills (Caribbean Business, 2/27/19)

US territorial governors call Congress to help with disaster, fiscal recovery (Pacific Daily News, 2/27/19)

Puerto Rico governor challenges U.S. Senate to cut red tape (Caribbean Business, 2/27/19)

Rosselló requests Trump meeting to discuss reconstruction (El Nuevo Dia, 2/26/19)

Studies peg cost of Jones Act on Puerto Rico at $1.5 billion (Caribbean Business, 2/21/19)

Court decision may lead to friendlier Puerto Rico Oversight Board (The Bond Buyer, 2/19/19)

Puerto Rico congresswoman’s renewable energy proposal introduced in U.S. Senate (Caribbean Business, 2/19/19)

Court gives Trump, Senate 90 days to validate Puerto Rico fiscal board (Caribbean Business, 2/15/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board goes to court to obtain Senate financial data (Caribbean Business, 2/14/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board’s revitalization coordinator resigns (Caribbean Business, 2/13/19)

Jenniffer González supports the appointment of a federal reconstruction coordinator (El Nuevo Dia, 2/12/19)

New sales tax bonds issued under latest Puerto Rico debt restructuring (Reuters, 2/12/19)

Puerto Rico gov follows up on request for $600 million in nutrition assistance aid (Caribbean Business, 2/11/19)

Puerto Rico gov’t disagrees with resident commissioner proposal for U.S. recovery czar for the island (Caribbean Business, 2/8/19)

Cofina deal enshrined, even if Puerto Rico fiscal board declared null (Caribbean Business, 2/7/19)

Why SSI is not available to Puerto Rico? (El Nuevo Dia, 2/6/19)

Judge Swain approves Cofina plan of adjustment (Caribbean Business, 2/4/19)

Prepa to Submit Integrated Resource Plan Feb. 12 (Caribbean Business, 1/31/19)

U.S. Appeals Court reverses ruling on Puerto Rico pension bonds (Reuters, 1/30/19)

Appeals court rules in favor of Puerto Rico ERS bondholders (The Bond Buyer, 1/31/19)

Oversight Board Delineates Fiscal 2020 Budget Process; Issues Revenue Forecasts (Caribbean Business, 1/30/19)

Economic Activity Index up 21.5% in Nov. 2018 vs. same year-ago month (News Is My Business, 1/24/19)

Public power versus privatized power: The debate in P.R. before and after María (News Is My Business, 1/24/19)

Puerto Rico Picks Bidders for Ailing Power Utility (The Wall Street Journal, 1/20/19)

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Puerto Rico governor introduces bill for COFINA restructuring (Bond Buyer, 10/11/18)

Assured Guaranty Renews Motion to Lift Automatic Stay and Commence an Action Against PREPA for the Appointment of a Receiver (10/4/18)

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It took 11 months to restore power to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. A similar crisis could happen again (Vox, 8/15/18)

Court of Appeals remands request for Puerto Rico power utility receivership to District Court (Caribbean Business, 8/9/18)

Assured Guaranty Joins Agreement Between Senior and Subordinate COFINA Bondholders (8/9/18)

Assured Guaranty Files Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of Board Appointments to Puerto Rico’s Financial Oversight and Management Board (7/23/18)

Uncertainty about financial statements; KPMG External auditor issues mixed opinion since he could not verify the accuracy of the financial information provided by the government (El Nuevo Dia, 7/5/18)

Puerto Rico bondholders offer debt deal, snubbed by oversight board (Reuters, 5/14/18)

US releases Puerto Rico debt crisis report, offers solutions (AP, 5/9/18)

Billing for Professional Services in Puerto Rico’s Bankruptcy Cases Reaches $135 Million (Centro De Periodismo Investigative, 4/3/18)

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