Proposed tax changes to include requiring contributions from Act 22 beneficiaries
(The San Juan Daily Star, 2/3/22)

Puerto Rico Board may move solo on PREPA restructuring
(The Bond Buyer, 1/28/22)

Approved fiscal plan says PR won’t face budget deficits until 2048
(The San Juan Daily Star, 1/28/22)

PR board passes fiscal plan with 18% more spending
(The Bond Buyer, 1/27/22)

Puerto Rico Approved to Exit Bankruptcy, Ending Record Saga
(Bloomberg, 1/18/22)

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Judge approves Plan of Adjustment
(The Bond Buyer, 1/18/22)

FOMB Statement – POA Confirmation
(Financial Management and Oversight Board Press Release, 1/18/22)

FEMA stays focused on earthquake recovery
(The San Juan Daily Star, 1/13/22)

Broad support for POA signaled as confirmation hearings begin (The San Juan Daily Star, 11/9/21)

Puerto Rico bankruptcy nears end as debt plan goes up for approval (Reuters, 11/9/21)

After weeks of uncertainty, Puerto Rico board files new Plan of Adjustment (The Bond Buyer, 11/5/21)

Judge advances Puerto Rico Board’s pension interpretation of bond bill (The Bond Buyer, 11/3/21)

Housing: $184 million in federal disaster recovery funds target island’s south (The San Juan Daily Star, 11/1/21)

Puerto Rico leaders welcome Biden’s $1B SSI benefits (The Bond Buyer, 10/29/21)

Puerto Rico Board OKs plan confirmation without mediation (The Bond Buyer, 10/28/21)

Energy regulator greenlights 38 LUMA T&D projects totaling $653 million (The San Juan Daily Star, 10/20/21)

COFINA meets debt payments for 3rd straight year (The San Juan Daily Star, 10/20/21)

Puerto Rico House Passes Bond Bill to Restructure Debt (Bloomberg, 10/19/21)

Puerto Rico’s leaders welcome Oversight Board deal (The Bond Buyer, 10/15/21)

PREPA official tells congressional panel of major system overhaul in the works (The San Juan Daily Star, 10/7/21)

PREPA report shows extent of disrepair in generation area (The San Juan Daily Star, 10/5/21)

PRASA puts $77 million in infrastructure projects out to bid (The San Juan Daily Star, 10/4/21)

Medicaid funding bill for PR goes to White House for Biden’s signature (The San Juan Daily Star, 10/1/21)

Economic cabinet backs enabling legislation for debt deal, with technical tweaks (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/30/21)

Josué Colón returns as PREPA executive director (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/30/21)

Ex-Housing chief Gil-Enseñat named new PREPA board chairman (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/29/21)

Economic Activity Index rises 5 years in a row (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/29/21)

FEMA backs resident commissioner’s claim that PREPA has not filed for disbursement of funds (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/23/21)

FEMA outlines processes for island’s power grid projects (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/23/21)

Puerto Rico House to Unveil Bond-Cutting Bill for Next Week: Speaker (Bloomberg, 9/21/21)

Pierluisi: PREPA’s privatization will resolve island’s power issues (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/21/21)

Optimism stems from congressional proposals (El Nuevo Dia, 9/14/21)

Tourism execs: Puerto Rico needs to pump millions into infrastructure to compete (News Is My Business, 9/14/21)

Business leaders discuss future of island manufacturing (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/15/21)

PREB approves rebuild of Naguabo wind farm flattened by hurricane (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/14/21)

Passenger traffic up 14.8% at Luis Munoz Marin Int’l Airport last month, vs. Aug. ’19 (News Is My Business, 9/8/21)

Market access issues may delay fiscal board’s departure from PR (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/8/21)

Resident commissioner files petition in SSI case before US Supreme Court (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/8/21)

Bill would enable offshore wind projects in PR, other territories
(The San Juan Daily Star, 9/8/21)

Puerto Rico stands to receive well over $1 billion if federal infrastructure bill becomes law (The San Juan Daily Star, 8/11/21)

Fiscal board extends offer to certain lenders for joining debt adjustment plan (The San Juan Daily Star, 8/10/21)

Puerto Rico P3 Authority seeking co.’s to modernize HTA’s digital infrastructure (News Is My Business, 8/10/21)

Puerto Rico board sets out argument for Plan of Adjustment (The Bond Buyer, 8/6/21)

Puerto Rico’s Economic Activity Index shows Y-o-Y increase of 7.9% in May (News Is My Business, 7/15/21)

Judge Swain Issues Preliminary Backing of POA Disclosure Statement (Caribbean Business, 7/14/21)

Oversight Board reached agreements with additional creditors: Support Agreement with Unsecured Creditors; Proposal for an Agreement with Teachers Unions (FOMB release, 7/14/21)

Governor taps Marrero Díaz for secretary of state (The San Juan Daily Star, 7/13/21)

E&C Leaders Announce Medicaid Funding Agreement for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Territories (House Energy and Commerce Committee Release, 7/9/21)

Puerto Rico Economic Development Bank: 80,000 Jobs Recovered (Caribbean Business, 7/7/21)

Passenger traffic at LMM up 13.7% in June ’21 vs. ’19’s pre-pandemic levels (News Is My Business, 7/7/21)

AAFAF: Gov’t bank balances grew by 12% in May (The San Juan Daily Star, 7/5/21)

COR3 continues apace with recovery projects (The San Juan Daily Star, 7/5/21)

Manufacturing Index Continues to Grow and Recover (Caribbean Business, 7/2/21)

General Fund’s March Net Revenues Exceed Projections (The Weekly Journal, 6/10/21)

Puerto Rico revenues beat projections by 19% over three quarters (The Bond Buyer, 6/10/21)

InvestPR looks to position Puerto Rico as ‘next global BioSciences Manufacturing destination’ (News Is My Business, 6/10/21)

Gov. Pierluisi Spearheads Meeting for Medicaid Funding (Caribbean Business, 6/2/21)

House speaker seeks unified call for PR’s full inclusion in federal social programs (The San Juan Daily Star, 6/1/21)

Resident Commissioner joins bipartisan push to make all emergency materials ‘in the USA’ (The San Juan Daily Star, 5/31/21)

Puerto Rico Board Seeks Island’s Bankruptcy Exit This Year (Bloomberg, 5/27/21)

Think tank: Broader discussion needed on use of federal recovery funds (The San Juan Daily Star, 5/27/21)

With debt deal filed, Puerto Rico is now closer to exiting bankruptcy (The San Juan Daily Star, 5/13/21)

Fiscal board submits $10.1 billion budget proposal to Legislature (The San Juan Daily Star, 5/13/21)

Gov. Pierluisi Requests U.S. Treasury to Distribute ARPA Funding: Puerto Rico Should Receive Some $2.47 billion (Caribbean Business, 5/12/21)

Puerto Rico Oversight Board affirms PREPA deal (The Bond Buyer, 5/12/21)

Oversight Board Submits Third Amended Plan of Adjustment to Reflect Agreements with Additional Creditors (Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, 5/12/21)

Bond insurers solidify their support for Puerto Rico deals (The Bond Buyer, 5/6/21)

Puerto Rico bankruptcy judge sets disclosure hearing date (The Bond Buyer, 5/5/21)

Puerto Rico governor vetoes delay to electric privatization (The Bond Buyer, 5/5/21)

Stensby: LUMA grid management will mean fewer energy consultants (The San Juan Daily Star, 5/3/21)

Judge reserves ruling on whether LUMA payments should be granted priority (The San Juan Daily Star, 4/29/21)

Bill refiled in Congress to develop renewable energy in PR, USVI (The San Juan Daily Star, 4/29/21)

Puerto Rico board’s population number shown to be too pessimistic (The Bond Buyer, 4/27/21)

Puerto Rico Debt Crunch Eases as U.S. Aid Lifts Surplus (Bloomberg, 4/24/21)

Statehood for Puerto Rico would kill its triple-tax-exemption (The Bond Buyer, 4/27/21)

Puerto Rico to distribute $750 million for permanent recovery projects (The San Juan Daily Star, 4/22/21)

Governor names task force on Medicaid & Medicare (The San Juan Daily Star, 4/20/21)

Biden administration lifts Trump-era restrictions stalling Puerto Rico hurricane aid: The Department of Housing and Urban Development also made $8.2 billion available to Puerto Rico, three years after Congress initially approved the aid (NBC News, 4/20/21)

Puerto Rico Towns to Receive Additional $100M in Pandemic Aid: Funds Totaling $300M for Emergency Services During Covid-19 Crisis (Caribbean Business, 4/14/21)

Lawmakers who weren’t co-sponsors of Statehood Admission Act will vote in favor (The San Juan Daily Star, 4/15/21)

Puerto Rico gets an advocate in the White House (The Bond Buyer, 4/13/21)

Federal Treasury Dept. OKs coronavirus stimulus distribution plan for Puerto Rico (The San Juan Daily Star, 4/13/21)

Conditions for LUMA Energy’s takeover of PREPA’s T&D have not yet been met (The San Juan Daily Star, 4/12/21)

Darren Soto says any congressional status agreement must seek a permanent solution (El Nuevo Dia, 4/10/21)

Puerto Rico Seizes on Junk-Bond Rally With $1.8 Billion Sale (Bloomberg, 4/8/21)

PR board seeks to restart revenue bond cases, set disclosure hearing (The Bond Buyer, 4/7/21)

Puerto Rico revenues exceed projections by double-digits (The Bond Buyer, 4/6/21)

Treasury Dept.; Jan. collections at $817M, beating forecast by $62.3M (News Is My Business, 4/6/21)

Puerto Rico ERS bond deal reached (The Bond Buyer, 4/5/21)

Pierluisi seeks ‘equality’ for Puerto Rico in testimony before US House panel (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/25/21)

Puerto Rico awarded $900M to help boost island’s education (The Associated Press, 3/23/21)

Nearly $600 million allocated for PAN, equaling funding levels in states (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/22/21)

Puerto Rico seeks repeal of Medicaid cap to avoid fiscal cliff (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/18/21)

Puerto Rico to get an estimated $10 billion in federal emergency aid (The Bond Buyer, 3/17/21)

Puerto Rico’s COVID-employment decline less than U.S. states (The Bond Buyer, 3/17/21)

Puerto Rico sees surge in tourism levels (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/17/21)

Gov’t redistributes up to $1B in disaster relief funds for island mayors (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/17/21)

US senators file PR statehood bill (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/18/21)

Puerto Rico Files Debt Cutting Plan to Bankruptcy Court (Bloomberg, 3/9/21)

Gov’t delivers draft fiscal plan to oversight board ‘to put Puerto Rico on the road to progress’ (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/10/21)

Fiscal board files amended debt adjustment plan, disclosure statement (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/10/21)

Gov’t urges local business owners to request disaster relief aid ‘to promote economic growth’ (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/9/21)

P3 Authority announces two proposed public-private partnerships (The San Juan Daily Star, 3/9/21)

Puerto Rico government could lose access to $4.5 billion in federal recovery funds: Before the end of the year, Puerto Rico must ensure that FEMA appropriates Hurricane María relief funds intended for repairs or reconstruction or the island could lose those funds (El Nuevo Dia, 3/7/21)

Puerto Rico Treasury Assures Commonwealth is Getting its Financial Act Together (Caribbean Business, 3/4/21)

Puerto Rico statehood bill reintroduced (The Bond Buyer, 3/2/21)

Puerto Rico Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index up to 52.4 in January (News Is My Business, 3/2/21)

Puerto Rico tries to pave the road to sell new bonds (The Bond Buyer, 3/1/21)

Supreme Court to consider case impacting Puerto Rico economy (The Bond Buyer, 3/1/21)

Regulator Will Probe Alleged Irregularities in Prepa Billing Practices (Caribbean Business, 3/1/21)

Puerto Rico board takes steps to advance audited financials: An outside consultant provided recommendations on how the commonwealth can catch up on its long-delayed financial reporting, including a multi-year CAFR (The Bond Buyer, 2/26/21)

Puerto Rico Housing Dept.: $800 Million in CDBG-DR Funds Available (Caribbean Business, 2/25/21)

Puerto Rico to Slash Bond Debt in New Restructuring Pact (Bloomberg, 2/23/21)

Puerto Rico Rides Muni-Bond Rally to Bankruptcy Deal (The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones, 2/23/21)

LUMA Presents Recovery and Transformation Plans: Recommends no rate increase, commits to substantial improvements in safety, customer service and reliability (The Weekly Journal, 2/22/21)

LUMA Energy will not increase energy rates through ’24 (News is My Business, 2/22/21)

General Fund Net Revenues Surpass Estimates in December 2020: $180 million more than revenues from December 2019 (The Weekly Journal, 2/18/21)

Puerto Rico revenues coming in well ahead of projections (The Bond Buyer, 2/18/21)

Charles Schumer reaffirms he will not support a pro-statehood bill for Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Dia, 2/18/21)

Governor announces $100 million for towns (The San Juan Daily Star, 2/18/21)

Puerto Rico Treasury Disburses Over $1 Billion of the Economic Impact Payment: Expects to finish disbursements this week (The Weekly Journal, 2/17/21)

Behind on legal requirements PREPA submits to PREB its list of green energy projects totaling 150 MW (The San Juan Daily Star, 2/15/21)

Puerto Rico governor: Congress ‘morally obligated’ to act on statehood vote (The Hill, 2/14/21)

Oversight Board: Agreement in Principle on $7 Billion of Debt Reached (Caribbean Business, 2/10/21)

Full Child Tax Credit for Puerto Rico Included in U.S. Budget Bill (Caribbean Business, 2/9/21)

Gov’t pinpoints 10 priority reconstruction projects to propel economic development (The San Juan Daily Star, 2/9/21)

GAO urges better guidance in FEMA public assistance, Medicaid procurement in PR (The San Juan Daily Star, 2/9/21)

PR to receive $6.2 billion in HUD funds for long-term projects (The San Juan Daily Star, 2/3/21)

Biden administration moves to free up $1.3 billion in funding for Puerto Rico (The Hill, 2/2/21)

Pro-statehood lawyer to fiscal board: Real cause of fiscal woes is status (The San Juan Daily Star, 2/2/21)

Pierluisi calls for more ‘communicative’ relations with oversight board (The San Juan Daily Star, 2/1/21)

Biden to Free Up Billions in Delayed Puerto Rico Storm Aid: The administration plans to release $1.3 billion that was meant to help Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria in 2017, and will remove restrictions on another $4.9 billion (The New York Times, 2/1/21)

Puerto Rico’s electricity grid ranks last in utility performance survey (News Is My Business, 2/1/21)

Board: Puerto Rico pays millions in salary to non-workers (Associated Press, 1/29/21)

Pierluisi welcomes Biden executive order to encourage domestic manufacturing: Governor calls on U.S. president to rely on P.R. as ‘Made-in-America’ supplier of medicines amid Covid-19 crisis (Caribbean Business, 1/27/21)

Puerto Rico’s retail sales rise for 6th consecutive month (News is My Business, 1/28/21)

Puerto Rico officials hopeful of progress on statehood (The Hill, 1/27/21)

$832 Million in Attorney Fees for Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Process: 51.9 percent for the FOMB; 32.4 percent for the central government (The Weekly Journal, 1/27/21)

Puerto Rico Gov. Pierluisi seeks ‘equality’ in funding to tackle Covid, reconstruction: From multiple botched disaster responses to the territory’s exclusion from antipoverty programs, there’s a lot Congress and the administration can do (NBC News, 1/22/21)

PREPA Kicks Off Revitalization Program With $10.7B Investment: FEMA funds to be used to modernize and repair electricity grid (The Weekly Journal, 1/21/21)

Governor creates committee to oversee LUMA-PREPA deal (The San Juan Daily Star, 1/14/21)

Governor to meet with oversight board Friday; required to turn in FY 2021 budget plan soon (The San Juan Daily Star, 1/13/21)

New Legislature to oversee gov’t agencies’ work and focus on budget (The San Juan Daily Star, 1/12/21)

Puerto Rico Treasury reports $656.1M in net income in November ’20 (News Is My Business, 1/7/21)

Prasa to Receive $3.7 Billion in Federal Reconstruction Funding (Caribbean Business, 1/5/21)

FEMA: Commitment Remains Strong 1 Year After Earthquakes (Caribbean Business, 1/5/21)

González Colón sworn in again as new US Congress is seated (The San Juan Daily Star, 1/4/21)

Incoming Puerto Rico Governor Declares ‘Fiscal Emergency’ (Bloomberg, 1/2/21)

Antonio Medina Comas named to Puerto Rico Oversight Board (The Bond Buyer, 12/15/20)

Puerto Rico Ad Hoc Group of Constitutional Debtholders Believes Existing Plan Support Agreement Continues to Represent the Best Path Forward for the Commonwealth (Business Wire, 12/14/20)

Head of transition committee scolds HTA chief for slowness in funds usage (The San Juan Daily Star, 12/11/20)

PRASA easily places $1.4B despite island bankruptcy (The Bond Buyer, 12/10/20)

Puerto Rico water utility issues $1.37 billion in refunding bonds: Shows Prasa regained access at ‘reasonable rates,’ official says (Caribbean Business, 12/10/20)

Puerto Rico’s Pierluisi names budget director (The Bond Buyer, 12/9/20)

PNP legislative majority approves bills to advance annexation in extraordinary session: One of the bills approved in the Senate seeks to allow the governor-elect to call a vote on political status during his term (El Nuevo Dia, 12/8/20)

Pierluisi Announces Cabinet Picks: Francisco Parés, Omar Marrero to retain leadership positions; new faces for other agencies (The Weekly Journal, 12/2/20)

Presumptive Puerto Rico governor-elect announces first cabinet nominations (Caribbean Business, 12/2/20)

Congress Analyzing Impact of Acts 20/22 on IRS: Aims to minimize revenue losses to government coffers (The Weekly Journal, 12/2/20)

New Progressive Party proposes a new status referendum: It seeks to validate the results in favor of statehood and grant greater powers to the Equality Commission, including a fund the Oversight Board cannot touch (El Nuevo Dia, 11/30/20)

Puerto Rico gov’t unveils $135M Aguadilla airport runway project (News Is My Business, 11/18/20)

Pierluisi presents agenda for the first 100 days of his administration (The San Juan Daily Star, 11/17/20)

Oversight Board vacancies won’t stop Puerto Rico debt restructuring (The Bond Buyer, 11/16/20)

Puerto Rico board member exercises exit veto (The Bond Buyer, 10/30/20)

Trump to appoint new member to Puerto Rico oversight board (Associated Press, 10/7/20)

Puerto Rico Fiscal Board Designates David Skeel as Chairman (Caribbean Business, 10/6/20)

Jaresko: $84 million in Education Dept. salary overpayments going back to 2007 included ex-employees (The San Juan Daily Star, 10/1/20)

Energy Bureau denies PREPA bill hike request (The San Juan Daily Star, 9/30/20)

Capital markets buy up refunded Puerto Rico housing bond issue (Caribbean Business, 9/29/20)

U.S. gov’t publishes prototype Puerto Rico report in effort to develop comparable economic data (Caribbean Business, 9/28/20)

Trump Shifts on Puerto Rico, Releases Aid as Election Nears: President Donald Trump has announced the release of $13 billion in assistance to repair the damage in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria three years ago, and has pledged to restore its economy (U.S. News & World Report, 9/18/20)

Biden ramps up Latino outreach with appeal to Puerto Rican voters in Florida (CNBC, 9/15/20)

Overdue 2017 Commonwealth Audit Submitted (Caribbean Business, 9/8/20)

Using just 2% of CDBG-DR funds shows Puerto Rico gov’t’s slow spending (News Is My Business, 9/4/20)

New PREPA director nominated (The Bond Buyer, 9/4/20)

Puerto Rico Purchasing Managers Index bounces back after April slump (Caribbean Business, 9/2/20)

Ocasio-Cortez, Velázquez call for convention to decide Puerto Rico status (The Hill, 8/25/20)

Pierluisi: ‘Our goal is to be treated equally as American citizens’ (The San Juan Daily Star, 8/24/20)

Resident Commissioner touts manufacturing resolution added to Republican platform: RNC adopts proposal to bring pharma industry back to US as federal public policy (Caribbean Business, 8/24/20)

PRFAA comments on productive visit by White House Special Representative to Puerto Rico: Intended to help position island as manufacturing center (Caribbean Business, 8/21/20)

US District Attorney for PR: ‘The corruption scheme repeats itself’ (The San Juan Daily Star, 8/21/20)

Pierluisi, Delgado win Puerto Rico primaries (Caribbean Business, 8/17/20)

Arrest made in Education Dept., Health Insurance Administration investigation: Former CPA Society head denies involvement in corruption case against former department heads (Caribbean Business, 8/12/20)

Botched Primary Election Creates New Crisis in Puerto Rico: ‘This Is a Travesty’; Puerto Ricans lost confidence in their electoral system after ballots failed to reach polling places, forcing officials to partially suspend a primary (The New York Times, 8/10/20)

Federal warnings cause further delays in the post-María recovery process in Puerto Rico: COR3 confirms it will not disburse pending funds to agencies until they certify they have resolved all of the indications found in audits by the U.S. Office of the Inspector General (Caribbean Business, 8/10/20)

Outgoing fiscal board member González: ‘Promesa was never meant to be a punishment for Puerto Rico’ (Caribbean Business, 8/4/20)

CEO of Puerto Rico’s power company to resign amid outages (The Associated Press, 8/3/20)

White House to Refresh Puerto Rico Oversight Board (The Wall Street Journal, 7/24/20)

Puerto Rico governor, others face formal corruption probe (The Associated Press, 7/20/20)

Puerto Rico braces for political upheaval involving governor (The Associated Press, 7/6/20)

Puerto Rico experts, participants discuss its future (The Bond Buyer, 7/6/20)

FOMB Chairman Carrión and Board Member García Resign (Caribbean Business, 7/1/20)

PROMESA after four years: Key questions remain (The Bond Buyer, 6/30/20)

Puerto Rico picks operator for power transmission and distribution system (The Bond Buyer, 6/23/20)

Resident Commissioner opposes amendments to PROMESA: Jennifer González says it is a political game (El Nuevo Dia, 6/13/20)

White House eyeing bill to bring businesses back from China to distressed areas of the US (The Washington Examiner, 6/4/20

Peter Navarro calls on Congress to ‘bring home’ manufacturing to Puerto Rico (The Washington Examiner, 5/28/20)

Study reveals that Puerto Rico’s transparency laws are worse than in most countries: Puerto Rico ranked 87th in comparison to 128 other countries (Caribbean Business, 5/15/20)

Puerto Rico Governor Backs Tax-Incentive Bill for Drugmakers (Bloomberg, 5/12/20)

Puerto Rico: Right to Information Laws Adopted Recently are Weak (The Centre for Law and Democracy, 5/6/20)

Puerto Rico Gov Announces Receipt of $2.2 billion in Cares Act Aid (Caribbean Business, 4/22/20)

Crashing oil prices, COVID-19 restrictions give boost to embattled Puerto Rico utility (Utility Dive, 4/22/20)

FEMA: Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery Efforts Continue with Funding for 155 Projects (Caribbean Business, 4/21/20)

Puerto Rico businesses receive less federal aid (The Bond Buyer, 4/21/20)

Puerto Rico Manufacturers on a Mission to Become a National Security Ally (Caribbean Business, 4/17/20)

Political Insight: President Trump on Puerto Rico (The Weekly Journal, 3/11/20)

Proskauer’s Revenue Crosses $1B Amid Growing Puerto Rico Workload (The New York Law Journal, 3/10/20)

Stateside Puerto Ricans demand answers on unused hurricane aid to Puerto Rico (NBC News, 3/10/20)

Pharmaceutical industry: Eyes on Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Dia, 3/10/20)

Regaining credibility in Washington (El Nuevo Dia, 3/6/20)

Puerto Rico judge says full steam ahead on debt deal (The Bond Buyer, 3/4/20)

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Climax Set to Come Amid Island Elections (Bloomberg, 3/4/20)

Revised Fiscal Plan includes more changes in Health and Education (El Nuevo Dia, 3/3/20)

Puerto Rico Utility Deal Stumbles, Shaking Muni Investors (The Wall Street Journal, 3/2/20)

Reconstruction Coordinator: “My main concern is sustainability” (El Nuevo Dia, 2/26/20)

Detroit’s recovery continues with better rating outlook (The Bond Buyer, 2/26/20)

Relief funds close to being released (El Nuevo Dia, 2/25/20)

Puerto Rican Government does not support new bond deal (El Nuevo Dia, 2/20/20)

Puerto Rico governor formally opposes debt-restructuring plan (The Bond Buyer, 2/19/20)

It is urgent to apply lessons from Hurricanes Irma and María (El Nuevo Dia, 2/19/20)

Hoyer leads Congressional delegation to Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Dia, 2/16/20)

Here’s What You Need to Know on Puerto Rico’s Restructuring Deal (Bloomberg, 2/10/20)

Puerto Rico oversight board eyes bankruptcy exit by year-end (Reuters, 2/10/20)

Puerto Rico’s economy in limbo as governor rejects debt deal (The Associated Press, 2/10/20)

Supplemental spending bill will not advance in Senate (El Nuevo Dia, 2/8/20)

House Democrats pass Puerto Rico earthquake relief bill, but White House opposes it (The Miami Herald, 2/7/20)

FEMA denies PREPA’s initial request (El Nuevo Dia, 2/7/20)

FEMA Needs to Improve Program Guidance in Puerto Rico Recovery, GAO Says (Caribbean Business, 2/6/20)

White House threatens to veto Puerto Rico earthquake aid package ahead of House vote (The Washington Post, 2/5/20)

Puerto Rico to get disaster aid coordinator, more federal aid (The Bond Buyer, 2/4/20)

Peter J. Brown is Puerto Rico Federal Reconstruction Coordinator (El Nuevo Dia, 2/3/20)

Four charges to pay off PREPA debt and pensions (El Nuevo Dia, 2/1/20)

The Board will not change its plans (El Nuevo Dia, 1/30/20)

Disaster Prevention: lessons from the earthquake (El Nuevo Dia, 1/29/20)

Delay sought for hearing on Puerto Rico electric utility debt restructuring (Reuters, 1/29/20)

Trump government says “no” to further aid (El Nuevo Dia, 1/28/20)

Puerto Rico revenue bond litigation heats up (The Bond Buyer, 1/22/20)

A long process to receive federal aid (El Nuevo Dia, 1/21/20)

A bipartisan bill seeking additional recovery funds (El Nuevo Dia, 1/20/20)

Puerto Ricans still waiting on disaster funds as Hurricane Maria’s aftermath, earthquakes continue to affect life on the island (The Washington Post, 1/19/20)

HUD Appoints Federal Financial Monitor to Oversee Puerto Rico, USVI Disaster Recovery Funds (Caribbean Business, 1/17/20)

House to pass $3.4B disaster aid package for Puerto Rico (Politico, 1/16/20)

Dangling disaster relief funds, White House to require Puerto Rico to implement reforms (The Washington Post, 1/15/20)

Court Lets Puerto Rico Ruling Stand (Bloomberg, 1/14/20)

Supreme Court leaves Puerto Rico special revenue decision alone (The Bond Buyer, 1/13/20)

Experts warn Puerto Rico not prepared for big earthquakes (The Associated Press, 1/13/20)

With Earthquakes and Storms, Puerto Rico’s Power Grid Can’t Catch a Break (The New York Times, 1/10/20)

Puerto Rico power plant damaged in earthquake could be out for “over a year,” official says (CBS News, 1/9/20)

Limited economic impact expected from Puerto Rico earthquakes (The Bond Buyer, 1/7/20)

Puerto Rico population estimated to grow for first time since 2004 (The Bond Buyer, 1/2/20)

Permanent projects have not started after María (El Nuevo Dia, 12/17/19)

Congressional leadership agrees to allocate about $5,742 billion in Medicaid funding to the island: The $12 billion appropriation package originally proposed did not advance (El Nuevo Dia, 12/17/19)

Trump slashed Puerto Rico’s Medicaid money as part of budget deal (Politico, 12/17/19)

Detroit looks ahead, five years after Chapter 9 exit (The Bond Buyer, 12/17/19)

Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez announces she’s running for election in 2020 (El Nuevo Dia, 12/16/19)

Governor of Puerto Rico sends letter to Congressional Leadership urging swift action on Medicaid legislation (Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration Twitter Account, 12/12/19)

Municipal fiscal plans on hold: Municipalities fear plans could be a death sentence for several cities (El Nuevo Dia, 12/12/19)

Analysis: Mistaken assumptions on recovery funds could stump P.R.’s future growth (News Is My Business, 12/9/19)

Local officials admit more controls on Medicaid funding (El Nuevo Dia, 12/8/19)

FOMB Keeps Its Eyes on the Prize: Puerto Rico’s Exit from Bankruptcy (The Weekly Journal, 12/4/19)

The Potential Transformation of the Puerto Rico Electric Sector (The Government of Puerto Rico, 12/2/19)

End of tax credit for CFCs seems imminent: New reports suggest that the Treasury is considering ending the tax credit that brings $2 billion annually to the island (El Nuevo Dia, 11/27/19)

Puerto Rico general fund collections beat projections by 14% (The Bond Buyer, 11/22/19)

Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Products Association of Puerto Rico (MMAPA) Calls On Congress To Approve Long-Term Funding Solution For Puerto Rico’s Medicaid Program (, 11/22/19)

America’s ‘Shame’: Medicaid Funding Slashed In U.S. Territories (NPR, 11/20/19)

Puerto Rico municipalities’ finances mostly hold steady or improve (The Bond Buyer, 11/18/19)

March will be crucial for Medicaid: The federal government has fully funded the Puerto Rican government’s health plan since early 2018 (El Nuevo Dia, 11/15/19)

Engineers give Puerto Rico infrastructure a grade of ‘D-‘ (Caribbean Business, 11/14/19)

Puerto Rico Board Opposes U.S. House Input in Utility Dispute (Bloomberg Law, 11/14/19)

U.S. lawmakers clash over PREPA agreement (The Bond Buyer, 11/13/19)

Report: Puerto Rico’s infrastructure failing as federal aid remains on hold (Roll Call, 11/12/19)

Puerto Rico gets near-failing grade on infrastructure report card (Reuters, 11/12/19)

Rep. Bishop et al Letter Regarding PROMESA (House Natural Resources GOP Twitter Account, 11/12/19)

New debt issue policy: Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced sends a bill to the Legislature that would establish new debt issuance regulations (El Nuevo Dia, 11/5/19)

New York is leading the effort to modernize Puerto Rico’s power grid (City & State New York, 11/5/19)

Grassley proposes $9.8 billion for Medicaid services: Influential Republican Senator suggests $2.2 billion less than the House over the next four years (El Nuevo Dia, 11/2/19)

Puerto Rico governor focused on federal funds, restructuring process (Caribbean Business, 10/31/19)

Puerto Rico Treasury announces higher revenue for August, September (Caribbean Business, 10/30/19)

Puerto Rico grid modernization plan tops $20B (Utility Dive, 10/29/19)

A Reasonable Proposal: How U.S. Law Allows Puerto Rico’s Legal Bills To Flourish (Forbes, 10/29/19)

Modernizing the power grid in Puerto Rico will take a decade (El Nuevo Dia, 10/25/19)

Puerto Rico Officials Reject Proposal to Cancel Some Debt (Bloomberg, 10/22/19)

Carson defends HUD for knowingly stalling Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds (NBC News, 10/22/19)

Proposed PROMESA amendments unlikely to derail Title III reorganization (The Bond Buyer, 10/22/19)

Legislation introduced to expand Medicare Part D low-income subsidies to U.S. territories (Caribbean Business, 10/16/19)

The legacy of the Board (El Nuevo Dia, 10/14/19)

Closing arguments on the Board’s constitutionality (El Nuevo Dia, 10/13/19)

Bankruptcy costs keep rising: In less than two years, the court has authorized more than $360 million in payments to attorneys and consultants in Title III cases (El Nuevo Dia, 10/12/19)

Resident commissioner, Puerto Rico gov discuss alternatives to halted $1.5B in federal Education funds (Caribbean Business, 10/10/19)

Supreme Court considers legitimacy of Puerto Rico Oversight Board (The Bond Buyer, 10/8/19)

Bondholders have lien on Puerto Rico pension bonds: Supreme Court (The Bond Buyer, 10/7/19)

The next 16 months will define Puerto Rico’s future. Is Gov. Wanda Vázquez ready? (NBC News, 10/3/19)

Waiting for a federal decision: The Puerto Rican government seeks that the Board becomes the ‘trustee’ (El Nuevo Dia, 10/3/19)

Assured Guaranty Responds to Puerto Rico Oversight Board’s Plan of Adjustment (Business Wire, 10/2/19)

How to restore the protected status of revenue bonds (The Bond Buyer, 10/2/19)

Gov says Puerto Rico must seek a balance to ‘get out of debt’ (Caribbean Business, 10/1/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board files adjustment plan to reduce debt (Pensions and Investments, 9/27/19)

Vázquez Administration Tackles Restructuring, Other Complex Economic Issues (Caribbean Business, 9/26/19)

Official Retirees Committee, Fiscal Board Agreement Creates Pension Reserve (Caribbean Business, 9/26/19)

Puerto Rico gov makes worker pay, pensions her priority (Caribbean Business, 9/25/19)

Senate Leadership still has doubts about the Medicaid funding in Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Dia, 9/24/19)

Puerto Rico employment rises above 1 million for first time in six years (The Bond Buyer, 9/20/19)

Puerto Rico included in federal budget measure (Caribbean Business, 9/18/19)

P.R. revenue collections reach $1.05B in July, Treasury Dept. says (News Is My Business, 9/18/19)

Puerto Rico’s Looming 2019 Medicaid Fiscal Cliff (Center for a New Economy, 9/18/19)

Puerto Rico’s July revenues were 18% above forecast (The Bond Buyer, 9/17/19)

Despite governance crisis in July, Puerto Rico tax revenue exceeds projections (Caribbean Business, 9/17/19)

Puerto Rico senator: Tax reform that’s immune to presidential whims needed (Caribbean Business, 9/17/19)

Gov. Vázquez to Congress: Without funding, Puerto Rico can’t run Medicaid program (Caribbean Business, 9/17/19)

Moody’s views addition of bond insurers for Prepa RSA as ‘significant progress’ (Caribbean Business, 9/11/19)

Puerto Rico plan of adjustment expected by end of month (The Bond Buyer, 9/11/19)

Puerto Rico gov discusses recovery aid with federal officials in Washington (Caribbean Business, 9/10/19)

PREPA restructuring takes step forward (The Bond Buyer, 9/9/19)

Congress: Puerto Rico is standing on shifting ground (El Nuevo Dia, 9/8/19)

Private sector to assist Puerto Rico efforts to unblock federal disaster aid (Caribbean Business, 9/3/19)

Board appointments expired yesterday (El Nuevo Dia, 8/31/19)

Illinois Bonds Gain as Judge Denies Petition to Void Debt (Bloomberg, 8/29/19)

How little we know about Puerto Rico’s economy (Axios, 8/28/19)

Hurricane Dorian Spares Puerto Rico as Florida Prepares for Landfall (The New York Times, 8/28/19)

A near miss for Puerto Rico as Dorian strengthens into a hurricane (The Washington Post, 8/28/19)

Global commercial real estate shifts could benefit Puerto Rico economy (Caribbean Business, 8/26/19)

UPR and Tren Urbano are still suffering the effects of the hurricanes (El Nuevo Dia, 8/26/19)

Judge allows Puerto Rico board’s suit against governor to continue (The Bond Buyer, 8/23/19)

Democratic lawmakers request HUD publish disbursement requirements for Puerto Rico, USVI recovery funds (Caribbean Business, 8/23/19)

Could Puerto Rico’s moment be over? Leaders split on how to keep island in limelight (The Miami Herald, 8/21/19)

Puerto Rico Economic Development Secretary in Washington to seek support (Caribbean Business, 8/20/19)

Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez speaks with the White House (The Government of Puerto Rico, Office of the Governor, 8/16/19)

New Puerto Rico gov discusses transparency with Trump administration (Caribbean Business, 8/16/19)

AP Interview: Puerto Rico governor to stay, fight corruption (The Washington Post, 8/16/19)

Puerto Rico board urges federal help (The Bond Buyer, 8/14/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board publishes fiscal 2019 report: Says it wants to end its work as quickly as possible (Caribbean Business, 8/14/19)

Puerto Rico majority party mayors pleased with new governor (Caribbean Business, 8/14/19)

New Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vasquez Finally Overcoming Challenges (NBC New York, 8/14/19)

Puerto Rico utility director wants FEMA to repair grid so it can be privatized (Caribbean Business, 8/13/19)

PRASA reached agreements to restructure $1 billion debt: The public corporation recovers access to funds for infrastructure (El Nuevo Dia, 8/12/19)

Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court overturns Pedro Pierluisi as new governor (CNN, 8/7/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal 2019 revenues came in 34.5% higher than projected (The Bond Buyer, 8/6/19)

Puerto Rico Revenue Tops Forecasts by $1 Billion Despite Turmoil (Bloomberg, 8/6/19)

New requirements to disburse federal funds: Agencies are expected to meet new requirements due to corruption allegations and administrative changes (El Nuevo Dia, 8/6/19)

Puerto Rico’s Lodging Comeback Is Cut Short by Political Turmoil: Island’s tourism and luxury housing sector appeared poised for a rebound before a series of disruptions (The Wall Street Journal, 8/6/19)

Department of Housing and Urban Development imposes Federal Monitor on the island: The agency based its decision on recent cases of corruption and the political crisis the government of Puerto Rico is facing (El Nuevo Dia, 8/3/19)

Federal Disaster Aid Not Around the Corner?: The Rosselló Administration’s Implosion Has Set in Motion Discussion in the Federal Realm to Rescind Disaster Funds (Caribbean Business, 8/1/19)

Trump administration to place new restrictions on billions in aid for Puerto Rico amid island’s political crisis (The Washington Post, 8/1/19)

Puerto Rico Governor Names Pedro Pierluisi as His Possible Successor (The New York Times, 7/31/19)

Departing Puerto Rico governor makes several appointments (Caribbean Business, 7/31/19)

PREPA privatization process continues (El Nuevo Dia, 7/30/19)

Why a Cleveland rating took collateral damage from Puerto Rico (The Bond Buyer, 7/30/19)

Judge Taylor Swain orders a 120-day pause on bankruptcy lawsuits (El Nuevo Dia, 7/25/19)

Ricardo Rosselló, Puerto Rico’s Governor, Resigns After Protests (The New York Times, 7/24/19)

Trump asked to appoint reconstruction coordinator for Puerto Rico (The Bond Buyer, 7/24/19)

Oversight Board calls for urgent solution to the crisis (El Nuevo Dia, 7/24/19)

PREPA’s Executive Director against the Oversight Board (El Nuevo Dia, 7/23/19)

Economists join claims for governor’s ouster; PRMA asks for ‘swift action’ (News Is My Business, 7/18/19)

Protesters in downtown Miami call for Puerto Rican governor’s resignation (7 News Miami, 7/17/19)

After Tumultuous Protests, Puerto Rico Governor Insists He Will Not Resign (The New York Times, 7/16/19)

Puerto Rico Private Sector Coalition condemns corruption (Caribbean Business, 7/15/19)

Puerto Rico Bar Association assesses legal basis to impeach governor (Caribbean Business, 7/14/19)

Rep. Soto Introduces $14 Billion Medicaid Parity Bill for Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories (Orlando Political Observer, 7/10/19)

FBI makes arrests in Puerto Rico corruption scandal, prompting calls for governor’s ouster and concerns about billions in storm aid (The Washington Post, 7/10/19)

Delays in aid raise concerns (El Nuevo Dia, 7/10/19)

Medicaid funds to be discussed in July (El Nuevo Dia, 6/29/19)

Puerto Rico Treasury Dept. collects $922 million in May (Caribbean Business, 6/28/19)

FBI seeks tips on Puerto Rico gov’t contracts probe (Caribbean Business, 6/28/19)

Oversight Board Certifies Prepa Fiscal Plan (The Weekly Journal, 6/27/19)

2019 Fiscal Plan for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, 6/27/19)

U.S. Territories Public Debt Outlook – 2019 Update (United States Government Accountability Office, 6/2019)

‘The show must go on,’ says Puerto Rico’s financial czar (Caribbean Business, 6/26/19)

Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association urges gov’t to address corruption allegations (Caribbean Business, 6/26/19)

Trump’s campaign brings in González and Carrión (El Nuevo Dia, 6/26/19)

Additional Medicaid Funding to Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands Is in Jeopardy (AIS Health, 6/24/19)

Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corp. publishes audited statements (Caribbean Business, 6/20/19)

Watch U.S. House subcommittee hearing on Medicaid funding in territories (Caribbean Business, 6/20/19)

Puerto Rico Board Appointment Dispute Gets Supreme Court Review (Bloomberg, 6/20/19)

Ambac questions Puerto Rico board assertion that pension liabilities rose $5 billion (Caribbean Business, 6/19/19)

U.S. Reps. Pascrell, González introduce revised bill to provide supplement to Puerto Rico EITC (Caribbean Business, 6/19/19)

Sunsetting Puerto Rico Medicaid Money Gets Democrats’ Attention (Bloomberg Law, 6/18/19)

Puerto Rico board asks court for more time on members’ appointments (Reuters, 6/18/19)

Illinois tollway takes a rating blow in Puerto Rico-related fallout (The Bond Buyer, 6/18/19)

Board reaches restructuring deal with certain major bondholders (El Nuevo Dia, 6/17/19)

Executive director of Puerto Rico’s Oversight Board defends proposed restructuring deal (CNBC, 6/17/19)

A serious warning to the Board (El Nuevo Dia, 6/15/19)

Hotel room tax collections reach ‘record levels’ in April at almost $7M (News Is My Business, 6/13/19)

Sen. Sanders, co-sponsors introduce legislation to put territories on par with states for Medicaid (Caribbean Business, 6/12/19)

Puerto Rico statehood advocate posits territory’s incorporation (Caribbean Business, 6/11/19)

Resident Commissioner anticipates more funds to come (El Nuevo Dia, 6/8/19)

The high cost of the territorial bankruptcy (El Nuevo Dia, 6/7/19)

Fee examiner in Puerto Rico debt restructuring warns of rising litigation costs (Caribbean Business, 6/7/19)

Trump’s administration defends Promesa (El Nuevo Dia, 6/7/19)

Governments Rethink Their ‘Moral Obligation’ to Municipal Bondholders (Governing, 6/5/19)

Trump’s administration to file certiorari petition today (El Nuevo Dia, 6/5/19)

Air travel to Puerto Rico highest in 8 years (Caribbean Business, 6/5/19)

Puerto Rico’s central government has 47% more than anticipated (The Bond Buyer, 6/4/19)

U.S. Congress passes $19.1 billion disaster relief bill for states, territories (Caribbean Business, 6/3/19)

FBI evaluation of Board members still incomplete (El Nuevo Dia, 6/2/19)

Puerto Rico’s April revenues come in 24% above projections (The Bond Buyer, 5/24/19)

U.S. Senators submit bill to guarantee robust disclosure requirements (News Is My Business, 5/24/19)

When Will the U.S. Territories Exhaust Federal Medicaid Funding? (MACPAC, May 2019)

U.S. House Committee holds hearing on territories’ looming Medicaid Cliff (Caribbean Business, 5/23/19)

Puerto Rico’s Bankruptcy Case Casts a Shadow on Billions in Municipal Bonds (Barron’s, 5/23/19)

House Natural Resources Full Committee Hearing: The Insular Areas Medicaid Cliff (Video) (House Natural Resources Committee, 5/23/19)

San Juan objects to Board´s control over its finances (El Nuevo Dia, 5/22/19)

Medicaid Financing Cliff: Implications for the Health Care Systems in Puerto Rico and USVI (Kaiser Family Foundation, 5/21/19)

Puerto Rico builders, contractors reject fiscal board move to recover payments (Caribbean Business, 5/21/19)

Proskauer seeks $16.4 million in fees from Puerto Rico (Caribbean Business, 5/21/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board sues retirement system bondholders to recover $392 million (Caribbean Business, 5/19/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board says only it can propose ‘what recovery pensioners will receive’ (Caribbean Business, 5/17/19)

Swain opens the door to more complaints (El Nuevo Dia, 5/17/19)

U.S. Treasury sued for information on Puerto Rico fiscal board appointments (Caribbean Business, 5/15/19)

Fee examiners raise alarm about Puerto Rico board petition for extension (Caribbean Business, 5/15/19)

‘Aurelius risk’ cited as roadblock in Puerto Rico fiscal board effort to pursue claims (Caribbean Business, 5/15/19)

Illinois toll debt feels effect of Puerto Rico special revenue ruling (The Bond Buyer, 5/13/19)

Mayors recognize the power of PROMESA (El Nuevo Dia, 5/13/19)

Oversight board certifies Puerto Rico fiscal plan (Caribbean Business, 5/9/19)

Report: Puerto Rico population decline results in marked school enrollment drop (Caribbean Business, 5/8/19)

Sobrino Vega criticizes the Board for suing suppliers (El Nuevo Dia, 5/8/19)

Restructuring support agreement for Puerto Rico power company reached (Caribbean Business, 5/6/19)

Donald Trump has not yet sent the nominations of the Oversight Board (El Nuevo Dia, 5/6/19)

Government files financial statements (El Nuevo Dia, 5/6/19)

Puerto Rico Utility, Bondholders Reach Restructuring Agreement (Bloomberg, 5/3/19)

A thorough Senate evaluation process for Board nominations (El Nuevo Dia, 5/1/19)

New Senate GOP offer on disaster aid bill gives $300 million boost to Puerto Rico (The Washington Post, 5/1/19)

Puerto Rico Oversight Board sues 230 government suppliers (The Bond Buyer, 5/1/19)

Trump renominates Puerto Rico fiscal board members (Caribbean Business, 4/30/19)

Senate Republicans reach for deal on disaster aid amid ongoing dispute over Puerto Rico (The Washington Post, 4/30/19)

Puerto Rico Oversight Board specifies its clawback targets (The Bond Buyer, 4/29/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board loses bid to extend claims filing deadline (Reuters, 4/24/19)

Trump’s feud with Puerto Rico looms over congressional standoff on disaster aid (USA Today, 4/24/19)

Big Oil Traders Accused of Cheating Puerto Rico’s Power Utility (Bloomberg, 4/24/19)

Trump Considering Waiving Jones Act Mandate for Natural Gas, Sources Say (Bloomberg, 4/24/19)

Puerto Rico Board Takes Fight Over Members to Supreme Court (Bloomberg, 4/23/19)

The McKinsey Way to Save an Island – Why is a bankrupt Puerto Rico spending more than a billion dollars on expert advice? (New York Magazine, 4/17/19)

Puerto Rico revenues jump 23% over projections through first seven months (The Bond Buyer, 4/16/19)

Puerto Rico Ruling Sends Shock Through $3.8 Trillion Muni Market (Bloomberg, 4/12/19)

U.S. court’s Puerto Rico bond ruling prompts Fitch ratings warning for other issuers (Reuters, 4/11/19)

Fitch Places Seven USPF Special Revenue Ratings on Negative Watch Pending Court Decision (Fitch Ratings, 4/11/19)

Puerto Rico utility nears deal on $9 billion restructuring (The Wall Street Journal, 4/10/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board again requests audited statements (Caribbean Business, 4/10/19)

Congress will probably leave town without voting on a disaster bill (Roll Call, 4/9/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board may seek money back from bondholders (Reuters, 4/3/19)

Proposed claw back of fees for Puerto Rico GOs could backfire (The Bond Buyer, 4/3/19)

Nutritional Assistance stalls in the Senate (El Nuevo Dia, 4/2/19)

Senate Democrats block disaster aid measure (Caribbean Business, 4/1/19)

Court ruling in Puerto Rico bankruptcy fans revenue bond fears (Reuters, 3/28/19)

CDBG-DR funds: Puerto Rico asks for permanent regulations (El Nuevo Dia, 3/27/19)

Report says Puerto Rico has moderate level of economic freedom (Caribbean Business, 3/25/19)

FOMB Letter – Audits Timeline (Financial Oversight & Management Board for Puerto Rico, 3/23/19)

Grijalva perceives Puerto Ricans favor statehood (El Nuevo Dia, 3/23/19)

Puerto Rico private sector jobs higher than before 2017 hurricanes (Caribbean Business, 3/22/19)

Current Status of Puerto Rico Debt Restructuring (, 3/20/19)

Raúl Grijalva sets his priorities (El Nuevo Dia, 3/19/19)

Puerto Rico oversight board rejects government’s proposed fiscal plan (Caribbean Business, 3/18/19)

Upcoming Event: AFGI Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Risk Summit (Event Taking Place on April 9, 2019)

Congressional delegation to examine Puerto Rico disaster recovery, Promesa austerity measures (Caribbean Business, 3/14/19)

Puerto Rico’s new draft fiscal plan banks on reforms, federal recovery funding (Caribbean Business, 3/13/19)

Rosselló to propose amendments to Promesa (El Nuevo Dia, 3/10/19)

Puerto Rico aid among issues complicating disaster bill talks (Roll Call, 3/8/19)

Puerto Rico gov implores U.S. Senate to pass supplemental appropriations bill (Caribbean Business, 3/7/19)

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Under Risk of Receivership (Caribbean Business, 3/7/19)

Legal fees in Puerto Rico bankruptcy drop (Caribbean Business, 3/7/19)

Sanders and Velázquez filed bill to end unequal treatment (El Nuevo Dia, 3/7/19)

U.S. Senate can be open to amend PROMESA (El Nuevo Dia, 2/27/19)

Fiscal board invalidates several Puerto Rico spending bills (Caribbean Business, 2/27/19)

US territorial governors call Congress to help with disaster, fiscal recovery (Pacific Daily News, 2/27/19)

Puerto Rico governor challenges U.S. Senate to cut red tape (Caribbean Business, 2/27/19)

Rosselló requests Trump meeting to discuss reconstruction (El Nuevo Dia, 2/26/19)

Studies peg cost of Jones Act on Puerto Rico at $1.5 billion (Caribbean Business, 2/21/19)

Court decision may lead to friendlier Puerto Rico Oversight Board (The Bond Buyer, 2/19/19)

Puerto Rico congresswoman’s renewable energy proposal introduced in U.S. Senate (Caribbean Business, 2/19/19)

Court gives Trump, Senate 90 days to validate Puerto Rico fiscal board (Caribbean Business, 2/15/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board goes to court to obtain Senate financial data (Caribbean Business, 2/14/19)

Puerto Rico fiscal board’s revitalization coordinator resigns (Caribbean Business, 2/13/19)

Jenniffer González supports the appointment of a federal reconstruction coordinator (El Nuevo Dia, 2/12/19)

New sales tax bonds issued under latest Puerto Rico debt restructuring (Reuters, 2/12/19)

Puerto Rico gov follows up on request for $600 million in nutrition assistance aid (Caribbean Business, 2/11/19)

Puerto Rico gov’t disagrees with resident commissioner proposal for U.S. recovery czar for the island (Caribbean Business, 2/8/19)

Cofina deal enshrined, even if Puerto Rico fiscal board declared null (Caribbean Business, 2/7/19)

Why SSI is not available to Puerto Rico? (El Nuevo Dia, 2/6/19)

Judge Swain approves Cofina plan of adjustment (Caribbean Business, 2/4/19)

Prepa to Submit Integrated Resource Plan Feb. 12 (Caribbean Business, 1/31/19)

U.S. Appeals Court reverses ruling on Puerto Rico pension bonds (Reuters, 1/30/19)

Appeals court rules in favor of Puerto Rico ERS bondholders (The Bond Buyer, 1/31/19)

Oversight Board Delineates Fiscal 2020 Budget Process; Issues Revenue Forecasts (Caribbean Business, 1/30/19)

Economic Activity Index up 21.5% in Nov. 2018 vs. same year-ago month (News Is My Business, 1/24/19)

Public power versus privatized power: The debate in P.R. before and after María (News Is My Business, 1/24/19)

Puerto Rico Picks Bidders for Ailing Power Utility (The Wall Street Journal, 1/20/19)

Velázquez revives bill targeting conflicts of interest (El Nuevo Dia, 1/19/19)

Puerto Rico’s $18 Billion Bond Restructuring Nears Completion (The Wall Street Journal, 1/19/19)

Certain utilities selected to vie for T&D in Puerto Rico considered high risk (Caribbean Business, 1/18/19)

Unsecured Creditors inform court of extension to object procedures involving annulment of $6 billion of Puerto Rico debt (Caribbean Business, 1/17/19)

All COFINA classes vote in favor of deal (The Bond Buyer, 1/9/19)

FOMB Letter citing continued delays in the submission of audited financial statements by the Government of Puerto Rico (Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, 1/9/19)

Jenniffer González plans to introduce a new pro-statehood bill (El Nuevo Dia, 1/8/19)

Carmelo Ríos and “Tatito” Hernández promote their proposal in Congress (El Nuevo Dia, 1/6/19)

Congress renews pressure for new allocations (El Nuevo Dia, 1/4/19)

Puerto Rico’s resistance may slow Oversight Board, restructuring (The Bond Buyer, 1/3/19)

Transparency of Puerto Rico bankruptcy is the aim of a new bill (The New York Times, 12/19/18)

A bill to avoid conflicts of interest in debt restructuring (El Nuevo Dia, 12/17/18)

Efforts to avoid Puerto Rico’s health care crisis (El Nuevo Dia, 12/16/18)

Puerto Rico gov meets with Trump officials, members of Congress (Caribbean Business, 12/13/18)

Puerto Rico recovery office chief: Federal red tape delaying over 3,000 reconstruction projects (Caribbean Business, 12/13/18)

PREPA’s moves to rebuild its system seen as positive (The Bond Buyer, 12/12/18)

Why the Puerto Rico Oversight Board may be overturned (The Bond Buyer, 12/6/18)

Puerto Rico gov says he didn’t defy fiscal board by paying the Christmas bonus (Caribbean Business, 12/5/18)

Utier challenges Promesa in Boston (El Nuevo Dia, 12/3/18)

Final and firm agreement on GDB (El Nuevo Dia, 11/30/18)

Puerto Rico Treasury: October revenue is highest for month in 5 years (Caribbean Business, 11/28/18)

Fiscal board certifies amended Cofina adjustment plan (Caribbean Business, 11/28/18)

U.S. House leaders call for Puerto Rico status plebiscite (The Bond Buyer, 11/27/18)

Rosselló and González ask Congress for more funds (El Nuevo Dia, 11/26/18)

Puerto Rico Oversight Board turns focus to another $9.2B of debt (The Bond Buyer, 11/14/18)

Puerto Rico fiscal board urges Congress to consider PRIMA bill (Caribbean Business, 11/14/18)

Puerto Rico Legislature passes tax reform despite fiscal board objections (Caribbean Business, 11/13/18)

COFINA deal approval advances PROMESA goals (The Bond Buyer, 11/12/18)

Puerto Rico bank gets court blessing to restructure debt (The Bond Buyer, 11/7/18)

COFINA deal takes step forward with proposed settlement (The Bond Buyer, 11/6/18)

Puerto Rico Energy Bureau to Investigate Institute’s Claims (Caribbean Business, 10/31/18)

Changes to Tax System Has to Balance at a Fiscal Level (El Nuevo Dia, 10/31/18)

Puerto Rico Oversight Board Voices Concerns Over Tax Reform (The Bond Buyer, 10/30/18)

Natalie Jaresko warns “political will” is needed (El Nuevo Dia, 10/23/18)

Puerto Rico’s Revised Fiscal Plan Approved Over Government Opposition (Reuters, 10/23/18)

Puerto Rico Fiscal Plan Predicts Surplus if Reforms are Carried Out (Caribbean Business, 10/22/18)

New Puerto Rico Fiscal Plan Reflects Updated Data (Bond Buyer, 10/22/18)

Puerto Rico Bonds Soar, Pointing to Hope for Restructuring (Wall Street Journal, 10/22/18)

Puerto Rico Treasury: September’s Net General Fund Revenue is Record for the Month (Caribbean Business, 10/22/18)

Prepa’s Restructuring Accord Lacks Meaningful Reforms (Caribbean Business, 10/19/18)

Puerto Rico Unemployment Declines to Lowest Rate in at Least 76 Years (Bond Buyer, 10/19/18)

Puerto Rico governor introduces bill for COFINA restructuring (Bond Buyer, 10/11/18)

Assured Guaranty Renews Motion to Lift Automatic Stay and Commence an Action Against PREPA for the Appointment of a Receiver (10/4/18)

Puerto Rico Treasury: August Revenue Was Highest Since 2005 For The Month (Caribbean Business, 9/28/18)

Report: Puerto Rico needs regulatory structures to provide clean, affordable electricity (Caribbean Business, 9/28/18)