Congressional Action

Congressional Action

The situation in Puerto Rico has received increased attention this year from the U.S. Congress, both in terms of legislation passed to help Puerto Rico and congressional hearings about issues important to fair treatment of Puerto Rican residents. Below is some of the important activity that has been taking place in the halls of Congress and some of the legislation that has been produced.


House Committee on Natural Resources Oversight Hearing on PROMESA

Watch U.S. House subcommittee hearing on Medicaid funding in territories
(Caribbean Business, 6/20/19)

U.S. House Committee holds hearing on territories’ looming Medicaid Cliff
(Caribbean Business, 5/23/19)

House Committee on Natural Resources Hearing: The Insular Areas Medicaid Cliff (Video)

House Committee on Natural Resources Oversight Hearing on PROMESA

Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources Hearing on the State of the U.S. Territories

House Committee on Appropriations Examines Options for Ensuring Long-Term Sustainable Access to Health Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries in Puerto Rico (Report)


Sunsetting Puerto Rico Medicaid Money Gets Democrats’ Attention
(Bloomberg Law, 6/18/19)

U.S. Reps. Pascrell, González introduce revised bill to provide supplement to Puerto Rico EITC
(Caribbean Business, 6/19/19)

Sen. Sanders, co-sponsors introduce legislation to put territories on par with states for Medicaid
(Caribbean Business, 6/12/19)

U.S. Congress passes $19.1 billion disaster relief bill for states, territories
(Caribbean Business, 6/3/19)

U.S. Senators submit bill to guarantee robust disclosure requirements
(News Is My Business, 5/24/19)

A thorough Senate evaluation process for Board nominations
(El Nuevo Dia, 5/1/19)

New Senate GOP offer on disaster aid bill gives $300 million boost to Puerto Rico
(The Washington Post, 5/1/19)

Senate Republicans reach for deal on disaster aid amid ongoing dispute over Puerto Rico
(The Washington Post, 4/30/19)

Trump renominates Puerto Rico fiscal board members
(Caribbean Business, 4/30/19)

Grijalva perceives Puerto Ricans favor statehood
(El Nuevo Dia, 3/23/19)

Congressional delegation to examine Puerto Rico disaster recovery, Promesa austerity measures
(Caribbean Business, 3/14/19)

Sanders and Velázquez filed bill to end unequal treatment
(El Nuevo Dia, 3/7/19)

U.S. Senate can be open to amend PROMESA
(El Nuevo Dia, 2/27/19)

Puerto Rico congresswoman’s renewable energy proposal introduced in U.S. Senate
(Caribbean Business, 2/19/19)

Court gives Trump, Senate 90 days to validate Puerto Rico fiscal board
(Caribbean Business, 2/15/19)