Pharmaceutical Production

Strengthening Puerto Rico’s Economy: Pharmaceutical Production

Puerto Rico may be poised to take a bigger role in the production of pharmaceuticals and in the manufacturing sector more broadly as the global pandemic highlights challenges and risks to our nation’s supply chain, including Americans’ access to medicine. Below are some recent articles highlighting this important topic:

It Isn’t Just About A COVID Vaccine, There Are Significant Supply Chain Hurdles (opinion)
(Forbes, 11/9/20)

Bipartisan lawmakers call for overhauling medical supply chains
(The Hill, 10/27/20)

Securing our supply chains requires ‘big picture’ thinking (opinion)
(The Hill, 10/21/20)

Resident Commissioner touts manufacturing resolution added to Republican platform: RNC adopts proposal to bring pharma industry back to US as federal public policy
(Caribbean Business, 8/24/20)

Oversight Board Presents Report on Manufacturing Opportunities for Puerto Rico (press release)
(The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, 8/4/20)

Manufacturing Opportunities for Puerto Rico: Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
(Report by the Boston Consulting Group, Inc. for the Puerto Rico Financial Oversight and Management Board, 8/4/20)

Puerto Rico Healthcare Manufacturing Strategy
(Boston Consulting Group, 8/4/20)

Amid Pandemic, Puerto Rico Poised for Continued Pharma Growth: Island is home to 12 of the world’s top 20 grossing pharma companies (opinion)
(The Weekly Journal, 6/10/20)

Peter Navarro calls on Congress to ‘bring home’ manufacturing to Puerto Rico
(The Washington Examiner, 5/28/20)

Bring the Drug Industry Back to Puerto Rico (opinion)
(The Wall Street Journal, 5/20/20)

Puerto Rico is shovel-ready for the COVID-19 recovery (opinion)
(The Hill, 5/13/20)

Puerto Rico Governor Backs Tax-Incentive Bill for Drugmakers
(Bloomberg, 5/12/20)

Relying on Foreign Drugs Is Dangerous: Generics are often made in India, with ingredients from China. Time to diversify the supply chain (opinion)
(The Wall Street Journal, 4/28/20)

Medication Shortages Are the Next Crisis: The frequency of alerts and the number of drugs in undersupply are shocking developments in a rich country (opinion)
(The Atlantic, 4/28/20)

What Would It Take To Bring More Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Back To The U.S.?
(NPR, 4/24/20)

Walorski, Dingell Introduce Legislation to Strengthen Strategic National Stockpile, Domestic Manufacturing for Improved Pandemic Preparedness
(Office of U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski, 4/17/20)

Puerto Rico Manufacturers on a Mission to Become a National Security Ally
(Caribbean Business, 4/17/20)

America needs to make more of its own drugs (opinion)
(The Boston Herald, 4/8/20)

Coronavirus reveals the vulnerable nature of our medical supply chain (opinion)
(The Hill, 4/7/20)

Momentum grows to change medical supply chain from China
(The Hill, 4/5/20)

Advanced Manufacturing’s Moment: Making Supplies For The War On COVID-19
(Forbes, 4/3/20)

Rep. Earl ‘Buddy’ Carter: Coronavirus is a wake-up call for America’s pharmaceutical independence (opinion)
(Fox News, 4/1/20)

Puerto Rico Can Help The U.S. End Its Dependence On Chinese Pharmaceutical Ingredients (opinion)
(Forbes, 3/16/20)

Coronavirus shows US needs to restore pharmaceutical production — in Puerto Rico (opinion)
(The New York Post, 3/7/20)

Are we prepared? Protecting the US from global pandemics (opinion)
(The American Enterprise Institute, 2/12/20)

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